Please Help Me Or I'm Going To Cry

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Over the last 7 months I have been extracting the vehicles from the game files, (opening them up in zmodeler3, to be able to convert them as a more recognized file format) 
Because as you all know, GTAV vehicles only have one wheel and the game engine then sorts it out when it renders in game. 
so then I was then opening them up in max3ds, so I could  clone the only wheel that is there to the other 3 wheel hubs, (no idea why they think this was a good idea to do it really cant be saving that much in computations)

Then I would apply the required materials/textures and then the paint and windows  etc etc, (I had done this for around 700  vehicles lol) 

I've now started 3d printing them for my sons  birthday next week,  he is GTA mad (obviously). 

I turn on my pc today and find out that I have a hard drive failure. It just clicks and clicks then I get blue screen of death. I have done the boats, bikes, trains and  helicopters all printed and ready  for him. 

I haven't got time to clone the missing wheels, materials textures, paint and and glass and print them out again. 

So I am reaching out if you know of any where I can download the missing ones from. I have been through all the GTA sites, 3d printing sites, the only things I am finding are on Sketchup type sites and they are diabolical. 

I know if I was looking for modded vehicles it would be easy but someone must have seen a totally stock car pack lol.

All I care about is that they have the right wheels in the right places, I don't mind having to do the rest if it needs to be done, something to do waiting for the printer lol.

sorry for the long post, thanks for reading it.

One Last Thing ---- Please Back Your Files Up. 

Stay Safe 


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